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    Available in recommended standard thickness (18 gauge galv.). Other gauges and materials by request.

    Shrouding materials include stainless, galvanized and mild steel. Rubber inserts are also available for additional pull-out resistance on .080 diameter wire and smaller.

    Several shroud styles are available to fit specific types of OEM equipment and are designed to meet specific customer requirements.

    Proper screen size and tensioning are critical for effective screening and longer screen life. Unified Screening edge preparations fit OEM and customer designed quipment properly for optimum tensioning. Banded edges strengthen hooked edges and provide even tensioning across the screen.

    Below is a sampling of some of our popular hooks.

    Plain Formed Edge for screens of 5/16" and larger diameter wire. Edges are annealed by controlled heating before forming to eliminate cracking and breakage.
    Reinforced Shroud Banded Edge is standard for screens of up to 1/4", and also available on diameters of 5/16" and 3/8" upon request. Standard shrouding is 18 gauge steel with other thicknesses available.
    US-2 ET
    End Tension Reinforced Shroud Banded Edge is compatible with all OEM replacement applications. Excellent for 1/4" wire and lighter. Hook lengths will vary to meet OEM specifications. Any dimension and profile is available upon request.
     Non-Standard Edges
    Any hook and angle will be manufactured to your specifications. Other hook dimensions are available upon request. When ordering non-standard edges, give angle of formed edge and hook length. 
    Inside Reinforced Formed Edge for screens of 1/4" diameter wire and larger can provide superior tensioning. A 1/8" steel angle insert is welded inside the wire hooks, strengthening the screen for uniform tensioning and ease of installation on vibrating equipment.
    Welded Bent Plate Edge for5/16" wire diameters andlarger.3/16" or 1/4" steel angle iswelded on the screen edge.

    Flat sheet, Bare hook, Hook with Bands or Weld insert metal can be available to suit all type of screeners. 

    45 degree, 180 degree ( U type hook), 30 degree, 60 degree are the most popular options.  

    Hook standard based on ISO 14315.