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    Clean Screens are high-quality, non-blinding screening surfaces made from crimped wire. The wires in these screens vibrate independently of each other. They're an ideal choice when you need to greatly reduce pegging, plugging and blinding and still maintain sizing.

    All types deliver higher production rates by combining high percentages of open area (compared to square opening wire mesh) with the action of vibrating wires.

    All products available in oil tempered, Tufflex and stainless steel wire. Can be hooked with any edge style to fit all screening equipment, stationary or portable.

    Separates flakes and slivers from finished product while greatly reducing problems like plugging and blinding.

    Depending on the placement of the wavy wires and their connection type we can divide harp screens Into following categories:

    Progress Harp Type K

    This type of screens is made of round wavy, wires, curved in the horizontal working plain. Angle between the arms equals 90.

    Working size of W opening is created by diameter of the circle written into this opening. Wires placed one next to another create openings similar to a square. Working wires are buckled together with transversive wires using polyurethane, rubber or wires inside plastic cover.

    Opening sizes: 1,5 - 35 mm
    Ø Wire: 0,8 - 6,3 mm

    Progress Harp Type T

    They are produced with wires of round diameter – straight and wavy placed alternately on the horizontal working surface. Wave spread span equals 90 or 60 . Working size of W opening is created by the diameter of the circle written into this opening. Straight, round wires have a slightly larger diameter then wavy ones. This series of screens characterizes with high ability to withstand heavy loads (owing to very well stretched straight wires)and good self-cleaning effect, obtained by self – oscillation of wavy wires. Wires in this series of screens can be connected with each other using wire knots, polyurethane, rubber or transverse wires inside plastic cover.

    Opening sizes: 1,2 - 14 mm
    Ø Wire: 1 - 4 mm